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updated February 9th, 2007

Gentle Readers,

...all three of you at this point! I was recently spurred back into fanfic by a challenge from the talented Claudio over at Elf Fetish, who wanted a story about Elrohir on his own. This reminded me of a half-finished story I had, so I dusted it off and finished it. Lindon Night is lighthearted slash featuring Elrohir as a young, callow roustabout.

"Magweth Pengolodh: The Question of Pengolod" recently won two Mithril Awards, Best Silmarillion and Best Drama. More, it brought me to the attention of some lovely genfic readers, and I have something for them, too. Another unfinished tale got the rust sanded off it.The Weregild describes how, exactly, Sauron could have given at least one of the Rings of Power to some Dwarves, specifically some suspicious, wary Dwarves who are all too aware of what Sauron did to Eregion.

"Are the canon-lovers all that is left in the fandom?" asked my beloved beta Aayesha, as we debated a canonicity point in one of the recent stories. I'm inclined to think so, if this means that the Tolkien fan readers that remain are very interested in the books, rather than Peter Jackson's movies. We've got a treat coming up, dug up from J.R.R. Tolkien's archives by his son Christopher: The Children of Hurin, to be published April 17th. As we know from the abbreviated version of this story that is included in The Silmarillion, we can look forwards to a cracking high-saga tale with dragons, curses, betrayal, incest, and bondage. I can hardly wait.

I STILL keep meaning to do something with my essay on Tolkien and the British Arts and Crafts movement. What I'll have to do, I'm afraid, is take out the Tolkien art images and just include citations for them. That's okay, you've all got your copy of J.R.R. Tolkien - Artist and Illustrator, right? And now that I look at this site after a 6-month break, it strikes me that it's due for a format upgrade...

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