Tolkien Fandom Links

News and Blogs

The One Ring - Still your first source for LOTR/Hobbit film news.
Noldor Blog - A connected Wellingtonian blogs about LOTR/Hobbit film news directly from the source. Great event listing.

Kristin Thompson - Academic and author of the book The Frodo Franchise, she is another excellent source of LOTR/Hobbit film news and analysis.

Middle Earth News - Excellent roundup of Tolkien fandom events, including new writing.

Conferences Of Interest

WorldCon 2010 - Sci-fi and fantasy goes antipodean in Melbourne, Australia, in 2010.

Au Contraire - A con in Wellington, New Zealand in 2010...the week before WorldCon. If you're going around the world to WorldCon, you should stop by this one too!

Tolkien 2012, aka Return of the Ring - Is the world going to end in 2012? If so you might as well go to this great gathering of Tolkien fans in the UK!

Tolkien Research Resources

Chroniclers of Middle-Earth - Researched list of all the scribes and storytellers Tolkien created for Middle-Earth.

Romancing the Jewels - Silmarillion fanfic archive with romance, adventure, and a focus on close to canon material.

The Kalevala - Information about this set of Finnish myths/folk songs, a key inspiration for The Silmarillion. I recommend the Francis Peabody Magoun translation.

The Tolkien Encyclopedia - Seeking submissions from well-versed writers, it seems; excellent material is posted already.

Jenny Dolfen - Remarkable Silmarillion fan artist, now gone professional.

Elf Appreciation

Haldir's Whores - Can fans be any more enthusiastic? 

Elf Fetish - As featured in Bizarre Magazine, February 2003! Stories, art, humor, and movie scene images about Elves.

Legolas of Mirkwood, Prince Among Equals - Excellent essay on Legolas.

Maeglin - A fan page for Maeglin. A reader turned on to Maeglin has posted Tolkien canon facts and details.

Silver Tree - A quality fan page  for Celeborn, with a focus on canon-related fanfiction recommendations.

Tolkien Adult Fanfiction

Adult het and slash (homosexual) Tolkien fanfiction.

The Mithril Awards - Tolkien fanfiction awards. Both het and slash were included as categories - go to the site to nominate stories and essays as winners for the 2004 period, and to review the 2003 winners.

Adult Fanfiction. net - A self-posting archive where anything goes, both het and slash. Some interesting dark stories lurk here. 

AC - The lush, romantic Folly of Starlight series, pairing Legolas and Elrond.

FellowShip - Some good stories at this Aragorn/Boromir slash archive.

Henneth Annûn - A quality, well edited Tolkien fanfic page that includes slash and het, and stories such as "Closer to Fine" and "Carving a Bond" that take a more complex view of Middle-Earth sexuality. 

Honesty - An enjoyable range of stories. The gritty Elrond-focused series "Leavings," set during the Last Alliance, is particularly recommended.

Jacynthe Demorae - A few choice LOTR stories, slash, het, and gen. 

Keelywolfe's Fanfiction Shoppe - LOTR slash. The "kink ficlet" series is recommended.

Library of Moria - A large Tolkien slash archive. Stories noted by pairing.

Silmarillion Writers' Guild - Home for quality Silmarillion fanfiction and essays.

Versaphile - A large Tolkien slash/het fiction recommendation page, with a focus on quality. Also has more links.

Adult Tolkien Fan Art

 "Fan art" but professional quality,  characters from the books and the movies.

Art by Adrienne - Fresh and clean-lined renditions of Silmarillion and LOTR characters, both serious and funny. Her main page has some good writing.

Art by H. Hoover - Stunning drawings including fan favorites like Eomer and rarer characters like Elladan, Elrohir, and Glorfindel. Check both the General and Adult art sections.

Art by Nellas - Romantic, art-nouveau influenced elf art, both general and adult.

New Zealand Links

The New Zealand Herald - Largest daily paper, often has LOTR movie-related articles - run searches and keep your eyes on this site in November and December.

LOTR Tours - Come and visit. And spend all your money while you're here.

Figwit Lives - A distinctly NZ fan phenomenon.

Nuclear-Free New Zealand - Did you know that New Zealand is nuclear-free? Do you know why this is important? A scholarly article. Keep Middle-Earth nuclear free, say I.

Fanfiction Writers' Resources

Citizens Against Bad Slash - Everything aspiring slash fanfiction writers need to know. Good advice for all kinds of fanfiction.

Fanfiction and Copyright - Scary, but fanfiction writers should read this.

Dr. Merlin's Guide to Fan Fiction - Let the good doctor help you.

Writers can post stories at Adult,, and Library of Moria, as noted above.

Original Writing and Web Comics

Colleen Doran's A Distant Soil - A lush science fiction graphic novel appreciated by many discerning readers.

Jacqueline Carey - Author of both a splendidly realized, uniquely sensual fantasy series, the Kushiel novels, and of a two-book series, Banewreaker and Godslayer, that darkfic aficionados will appreciate.

MAS-Zine - Dark original male/male stories, often in riveting fantasy or science-fiction settings. Tyellas has written an original slash novella, Shark Calling, which was published in Issue 4, the Pirates issue. 

Maureen Lycaon - Polished excellence in adult fantasy and sci-fi writing. Slash readers will enjoy the Mazumar/Palin and Raven story arcs, and there are some intriguing het tales as well.

Order of the Stick – Remember your old D&D game? A comic from the view of characters in such a game. Funny if you’ve never rolled a 20-sided die in your life, truly sidesplitting if you ever played even once.
Oglaf - A webcomic that is...not safe for work. Filthy hilarity if you are warped like me.  Also, elves!





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