Fan Art for Ansereg

Once in a while I am fortunate enough to receive fan art for stories I have written or inspiring Tolkien characters. Click on the thumbnails to view full-size images.

knives.jpg (166820 bytes)
Birch&ThornReflection.jpg (39795 bytes)
Story: Knives in the Dark  Artist: Nanyalin   

NEW! Story: Lost in the Translation (intended as an illustration for Bilbo's Blue Book!)  Artist: Eruanne

Story: Birch and Thorn  Artist: Luscious LuLu


Story: The Sheltering Sands   Artist: Silke

Story: Of Secrets Kept Artist: Maya

Story: Blood to Iron Artist: Christine B.
NEW Story: Praise the Birch Artist: Christine B.

One Ring to Bind Them Art

The picture to the left, "Hesitation", is Annatar and Celebrimbor being interrupted; the center picture, "At Ansereg", is a glimpse of two elves of Eregion. The one to the right, cropped to avoid being a "spoiler" for the story shows an explicit climactic moment for two characters...

celeana0112.jpg (46629 bytes)       atansereg0116.jpg (161397 bytes)    

Artist: Alkdholien                                                                                                                      Artist: Christine

Elf Twin Art         

ElvesfromHHoover.jpg (20775 bytes)     Jacynthe'sElfTwins.jpg (28463 bytes)  SOPfromPira copy.jpg (36476 bytes)

Artist: H. Hoover                   Artist: Jacynthe DeMorae                      Story: Spring of Peace Artist: Pira

Artist: Suse

Maeglin Art

MaeglinCraqu.jpg (91225 bytes)     MaeglinbyFetisha.jpg (38626 bytes)    Maeglinandsword.jpg (27521 bytes)

Artist: Luscious LuLu           Artists: Fetisha & friend             Artist: Christine

If anyone else wishes to send fan art, by all means, please do! I am always very appreciative. 

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