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updated March 6th, 2005 - new recs marked with *

What Is Darkfic?

Tolkien's world isn't just bright and beautiful; there's horrible evil, intricately depicted, and powerful villanous archetypes.  Darkfic  is fanfiction that examines where the shadows lie. It can include violence, psychological issues, villain POVs, the unpleasant side of sexuality, and unhappy endings. This page lists my favorite Tolkien darkfic stories and some related sites. Genfic stories are for general readership; adult stories deal with sexuality, in some form or another. New stories have a white asterisk *.

Most of these recommendations are based on two things: my personal taste and my objective respect for skilled writers. At the bottom of the page is something different, where I link to some stories for a personal reason. I admit that I have a personal bias with those stories. 


The Black Silmarillion - The Russian genfic classic. Link is Russian only, sorry.

Adrianna Pita - From the Grey Twilight - Chilling, touching story about Aragorn being haunted by Boromir's restless ghost.

Ainu - Through The Eyes of an Orc - Shagrat copes with the future of orcs at the end of Return of the King.
Anglachel - We Wants It  The ambivalence of Gollum's yearnings.

Bellatrys - Several stories by this author (also see author's web page):

Hunting  Silmarillon-based. Two notorious figures from Middle-Earth history have an encounter in a land perverted by evil.

Lord of Carrion - The perspective of the darkest of the Nazgûl.

Terrible Gifts Silmarillion-based. A story about the trauma of elvish death, in an experimental/challenging writing style.

Eurynauve - The Sorcerer’s Apprentice The life and times of the one who would become Witch-King of Angmar.

faerietale - Queen of the Darkness Silmarillion-based. The hungers of Ungoliant.

fileg - Slouching Towards Gondolin Silmarillion-based..The progress of Morgoth's forces towards Gondolin. "Let the flowers bloom on your graves!" was never such an insult.

M. Aquino - Morlindalë A novella spanning the creation of Arda to the end of Return of the King, all from the perspective of Morgoth, Sauron, and other avatars of evil in Middle-Earth. Link is to a large PDF file!

Maureen Lycaon - A Mission to Beleriand Silmarillion-based. What it is to be a werewolf serving Morgoth.

Occasionally Jay - Orc  One very cynical Uruk-Hai.

* Quiet Wraith - The Second Darkness - A remarkable multi-author writing project based on an online role-playing game. The result is an elaborate and well-developed AU based on Sauron regaining the One Ring. Warning: Some heavy character torture. *

Roz Kaveney Webs  A dark AU vignette; what if Shelob had taken the One Ring when she captured Frodo?

* Russ - The Strange Tale of the House at Hollinport H.P. Lovecraft-style horror meets Middle-Earth in this unique story.

Sterling Silver - Mordónarë What are the thoughts of a roused Balrog?

Tancred - Descent- Silmarillion-based What made Sauron so evil? Could it be his past with the Maia named Melian? 

Virvatuli - Several stories by this author:

In the Absence of Her Ladyship - Shelob's victim, the orc Ufthzak, endures a horrible wait.

Uusi Ruhtinas - Silmarillion-based. A poem in Sauron's voice after the fall of Morgoth. In both English and Finnish Watcherchild -The Complexities of Power A tale of the corruption of Sauron. Animals are harmed in the testing of this story!


Dargelos - Blood and Smoke  A sad story of love and foreboding between Isildur and Elrond. Slash. R.

Empy - Sightless A close-to-canon, creative Legolas and Haldir fic with  sensual bondage and discipline. Slash. NC-17.

Eyebrow of Doom - On Orc Love A very short piece in praise of orcish sex appeal. Slash. R.

Galadriel - Possessed A psychologically tense take on Boromir's desire for the One Ring. Slash. R.

Ithilwen - The Coming of Twilight, Dark Forge, and Noldolantë Silmarillion-based. Three stories tracing the life of the most shadowed of elves, Maeglin. Het.

Jane Doe - Reflections A dark tale of the Ring's influence entwining Elrond and Arwen. Pleasant and unusual script format works very well for this movie-based fic. Het.

Jenwyn - Haldir of Lorien is Amused. Icy Haldir teaches Boromir a long lesson about rings. Slash. NC-17.

Jinniyah - Posession Elrond just doesn't understand Isildur's needs. A chilling rapefic from Isildur's POV. Slash. NC-17. There is also a companion piece, Nothing Less

Keelywolfe - My Place Forsaken Aragorn is interrogated by Denethor - excellent BDSM dynamics in the second part of the story. Slash. NC-17.

Khazar-Kum - The Cursed Queen of Angmar What if the Witch-King of Angmar had been married? Long and detailed, both a dark love story and a view of the harsher, crueller side of Middle-Earth. Het. PG-13 to NC-17 with consensual BDSM. 

Lyle - The Kindest Fascinating Gollum POV and voice in this story of Sméagol and Deagol. Slash. NC-17.

Ms. Kitty - A Word and a Kiss Silmarillion-based. Dark yet sweet, how Luthien won the use of the vampire Thuringwethil's form. Femslash. PG-13.

Rainchilde  - Chains of Steel and Shadow Silmarillion-based. Maedhros suffers from both pain and Morgoth's mind-games upon Thangorodrim. It includes a chilling twist...Slash. NC-17.

Spooky - Two sinister orc slash tales by this author, Saruman/Lurtz and Lurtz/Legolas.  Slash. Both NC-17.


Dark Tolkien humor. It's sick. It's wrong. You'll love it.

Adrienne - Prince Albert in a Can Silmarillion-based How Beren and Finrod won their way into the fortress of Sauron. And why you should always check the IDs of those utility guys.

BondageOrc - Lurtz in Love Turgid romance with Lurtz and Boromir. Many slash cliches are spitted and roasted.

Cassie Claire - The Very Secret Diaries Dip into evil with the personal perspectives of Ringwraith No. 5, Gollum, and Sauron.

Claudio - Twenty Short Stories About Morgoth. Silmarillion-based Uniquely demented humor. "Elves are entirely too flammable."

Isabeau of Greenlea - This Too Shall Pass AU story based on The Two Towers film. Who knew the Fell Beasts of the Nazgûl were housetrained?

* Maggie Honeybite - Spiders in the Mist Silmarillion-based At last this story of spider love in the vale of Nan Dungortheb can be told. Something between a slash parody and an exploration of Middle-Earth's neglected giant spiders.

Orcgasm A web site. Home of the Lurtz shrine ("Who's your daddy?") Chibi!Orcs and the "Kiss Me I'm Orcish" T-shirt. Adopt an orc today. 

Virvatuli - Mock My Innocence Part 1, specifically recommended, is a wheeze-inducing parody of stories wherein a character is raped by orcs.


* Pits of Utumno Finally, a darkfic archive site! Articles and stories. This is a site for genfic darkfic.

The Black Speech - discussed at Ardalambion A look at the language Tolkien created as the voice of evil in Middle-Earth.

The Black Speech - further discussion  Even more details about the Black Speech, including some later fan linguists' additions.

Orcs And Other Dark Matters - One orc fan's site - a professional-level artist who writes eloquently in defense of orcs. Some Tolkien content and some original, all quality. Read her remarkable essay, The Image of the Enemy.

The Darkness Within: An Evil Fanfiction Archive - A multi-fandom archive that focuses on darkfic. The LOTR section is small, but of interest to writers looking to post.

The Gríma Fan Fiction Archive - Thanks to the TTT film, we now have fanfiction about the villain of Rohan, Gríma Wormtounge. 

* Ice on Fire - A dark slash archive with a focus on Saruman and the shadows of Isengard.

The Orc Slash Archive Your central source for orc eroticization and character development. High quality stories, recommended. 

The Russian Tolkien Slash Project -Russian slash authors favor dark characters - Sauron, Morgoth, Sméagol, and others. Some stories are translated into English thanks to this site's owner, Judas.

The Tolkien Darkfic List  A Yahoo mailing list for those who like this sort of thing. Sign up to read through the dark postings, many of which are exclusive.

Uruk-Hai.Org A website for orc admirers. Stories and content in both German and English. Even though this is at the bottom of the page here for alphabetical reasons, I recommend it strongly.

       Silmarillion Villain Stories

My birthday presents, preciousssss! The following Silmarillion-based villain stories were posted at a fanfiction mailing list on my birthday, as part of that list's birthday tradition. I admit I'm biased, but I'm also stunned and honored that these wonderful pieces are linked to my birthday. 

A. Vulgarweed - The Ring and the Crown A gothic romance and mad ambition combine to seduce a mortal man into being a Nazgul. Warnings for horror, violence, graphic sex, BDSM - a wild, rough, dizzying ride of a story. Slash. NC-17.

Claudio - Four Rings for the Elven Kings "Oh my God! You killed...." Not Kenny, but it's a fascinating AU with LOTR and Silmarillion overlap. Rated PG-13.

Ellipsis - A promise of doom "Tell the Mormegil that Finduilas is here." And pass the tissues after this very sad Turin story - tainted by the influence of Glaurung. Rated PG.

Finch - Under the Curse (Part 10 is dedicated) There are so many wonderful things about this dark, heart-rending, canon-based slash story. I was delighted that the part of "Under the Curse" dedicated to me is...the one with the dead orcs in it! Wonderfully written dead orcs. Slash. Rated PG-13 to R.

Le Chat Noir - Tapestries Feanor's defiance of the Valar in a beautiful ballad-like poem focused on Vaire the Weaver. Rated G.

Maeve Riannon - The Accursed Uldor exults over his treachery at the Nirnaeth Aenordiad. Rated PG-13.

Ms. Milligan - Also Loved Thingol, both interpreted as and transcending being a villain in this elegant poem. Rated G.

Shir'ann - Something Savage Maeglin forces an encounter with Voronwë. Slash. Rated NC-17.
Soledad - Breaking the Light Darkness even amidst the bliss of the Days of the Lamps thanks to Sauron and Saruman in their early times. An amazing story about the appeal of evil and rebellion. Rated G.

Another story or two has gone missing on the 'net....apologies.

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